• Jim Baum posted an update 4 years, 3 months ago

    I noticed that two of the three GTS Club Coupes that were offered for sale (all at $200K or above) are no longer in the PCA Classifieds.  Does anyone know if the two of them sold and for how much?  Also, wasn’t there a CA dealer that was selling one, unclaimed or on consignment?

    And, John, I don’t know if you can connect with the 50 Year Club Coupe liasion (Gerry Curts, I sent him an e-mail a few months ago, but he never responded), but try to keep up with the values of them, so that I can keep my Agreed Value Insurance current with Hagerty Insurance.  Dr. Kam, do you have a means to track 50 Year Club Coupe transactions?

    Thanks everyone.  Oh, FWIW, it snowed here on Saturday…I still have snow in the yard (APRIL 11th).