• Jim Baum posted an update 4 years, 9 months ago

    I got an e-mail on Saturday (10/3) from my dealer with a Delivery Configuration and VIN number. He said that my Club Coupe had exited production and has completed assembly, now waiting for it to go to Port and take the journey over to the US. What timeline do you think this means putting it at the Dealer? I recall one of the Chicago area cars came out of Production on 7/9 and was delivered to The Exchange on 8/5. Also, if you have seen the video from John’s and the other four of you getting Stuttgart delivery, do you know whose car you saw get painted?

    • The Vessel Trasport Ship GOODWOOD arrived at Port Davisville (Rhode Island) at 5:31AM EST this morning. My Club Coupe is on that Vessel. Does anyone know how long it will take from Port to Dealer in Philly?